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How I Chose Privacy and Freedom for my Personal Education and Why

The article below was written after I took Harvard's online copyright course ( I passed the final test and participated in the Bulletin Board and mailing lists, but ultimately failed the course because the class requires all students to install and run freedom-denying, privacy-disrespecting Adobe Connect in order to pass the course, and I refused to do this. Originally, I was asked to write this article for another blog, but it was never published in that blog. It is published here on LibreBoston for the first time.

Do Not Use TurboTax

Here is a little encouragement for tax season for those who would rather not support TurboTax's (Intuit) monopoly any further.

Using LibreCalc to do my Taxes.

Project Liberate Smartphone

Curious about how to port free software onto your phone? Read on to hear about our adventure in installing CyanogenMod onto a spare smartphone to get one step closer to taking back control over our everyday computing.