In Cuba, even though Android–based mobile phones are readily available, the cost of WiFi is prohibitively expensive for most ordinary people. Folks can still use their phones offline for purposes such as playing games, calendars, and other activities that don’t require an internet connection. But how can people download useful apps if they can’t afford the cost of the download?

The answer is F-Droid, a kit that functions much like a tiny, very local version of Google’s App Store. F-Droid includes a server that distributes its own selection of useful apps, and a one node WiFi connection only powerful enough to cover the area of the store. Customers visit the store, log onto F-Droid, and download their selection of apps.

F-Droid, of course, doesn’t solve the problem of the lack of affordable WiFi, but it does allow for people to become familiar with the workings of Android and cell phones in general. And, of course, it allows folks, especially kids, to have some fun!