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Forty years of GNU and the free software movement

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- September, 18, 2023 -- On September
27, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) celebrates the 40th
anniversary of the GNU operating system and the launch of the
free software movement. Free software advocates, tinkerers, and
hackers all over the world will celebrate this event, which was a
turning point in the history of computing. Forty years later, GNU and
free software are even more relevant. While software has become deeply
ingrained into everyday life, the vast majority of users do not have

Free Software Gigabit Mini VPN Router (TPE-R1400) from ThinkPenguin, Inc. now FSF-certified to Respect Your Freedom

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- Thursday, April 6, 2023 -- The Free
Software Foundation (FSF) awarded Respects Your Freedom (RYF)
certification to the Free Software Gigabit Mini VPN Router (TPE-R1400)
from ThinkPenguin, Inc. The RYF certification mark means that this
product meets the FSF's standards in regard to users' freedom, control
over the product, and privacy.

Free Software Awards winners announced: Eli Zaretskii, Tad (SkewedZeppelin), GNU Jami

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- Saturday, March 18, 2023 -- The Free
Software Foundation (FSF) today announced the recipients of the 2022
Free Software Awards, which are given annually at the FSF's
LibrePlanet conference to groups and individuals in the free
software community who have made significant contributions to the
cause for software freedom. This year's recipients of the awards are
Eli Zaretskii, Tad (SkewedZeppelin), and GNU Jami. As LibrePlanet 2023
is a hybrid in-person and online conference this year, the ceremony

Right to repair advocate Elizabeth Chamberlain to keynote FSF's LibrePlanet

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- March 2, 2023 -- The Free Software
Foundation (FSF) today announced the director of sustainability at
iFixit, Elizabeth Chamberlain, as its closing keynote for LibrePlanet
2023, the fifteenth edition of the FSF's conference on ethical
technology and user freedom. The annual technology and social justice
conference will be held March 18 and 19, 2023 at the Boston Convention
and Exhibition Center as well as online.