Rebel against DRM!

DRM stands for digital rights management. It is a way to prevent unauthorized access to copyrighted digital content. Tobias Platen is NOT HAPPY with DRM, and has come up with a clever way to get around it. While not for novices or the technologically feint-of-heart, he presents an outline to his very workable strategy here on his blog at the Fellowship Of FSFE, which stands for the Free Software Foundation.



In Cuba, even though Android–based mobile phones are readily available, the cost of WiFi is prohibitively expensive for most ordinary people. Folks can still use their phones offline for purposes such as playing games, calendars, and other activities that don’t require an internet connection. But how can people download useful apps if they can’t afford the cost of the download?

Barret Brown Released from Federal Prison

According to the following article, US Journalist Barrett Brown has been released from Federal Prison:

Barrett Brown was sentenced to over five years in prison and nearly $900,000 in fines and restitution for his role in the hacking group Anonymous.

How I Chose Privacy and Freedom for my Personal Education and Why

The article below was written after I took Harvard's online copyright course ( I passed the final test and participated in the Bulletin Board and mailing lists, but ultimately failed the course because the class requires all students to install and run freedom-denying, privacy-disrespecting Adobe Connect in order to pass the course, and I refused to do this. Originally, I was asked to write this article for another blog, but it was never published in that blog. It is published here on LibreBoston for the first time.