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Waag founder Marleen Stikker to keynote LibrePlanet 2022

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- Tuesday, January 25, 2022 -- The
Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced Marleen Stikker as
its opening keynote speaker for LibrePlanet 2022. The annual
technology and social justice conference will be held virtually
on March 19 and 20, 2022, with the theme "Living Liberation."

FSF announces JShelter browser add-on to combat threats from nonfree JavaScript

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- Thursday, September 30th, 2021 -- The
Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced the JShelter project,
an anti-malware Web browser extension to mitigate potential threats
from JavaScript, including fingerprinting, tracking, and data
collection. The project is supported by NLnet Foundation's Next
Generation Internet (NGI) Zero Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technologies
fund. Collaborators include Libor Polčák and Bednář Martin (Brno
University of Technology), Giorgio Maone (NoScript), and Ana Isabel